Workshop On Post-Pandemic Macroeconomics Agenda

Together with Columbia University’s Institute for Policy Dialogue and Center for Political Economy, IMPA co-sponsored the Workshop on Post-Pandemic Macroeconomics, held at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs on March 22-23, 2024.

The Workshop featured academic sessions on several aspects of the recovery. Co-Director Juan Montecino presented “Asset Prices, Market Power, and Optimal Corporate Taxation.” The paper, co-authored with Co-Director Ignacio Gonzalez and Board Member Joseph E. Stiglitz, builds out the theoretical foundation for IMPA’s model.

The Workshop concluded with a public panel, “Did the Central Banks Get it Right? Post-Pandemic Inflation and Disinflation: Explanations and Lessons.” The panel was moderated by Board Member Martin Guzman. The panelists were Paul Beaudry, Glenn Hubbard, Lindsay Owens, and Joseph E. Stiglitz.